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Kathryn said:
Friday, 3 Nov 2017
I’m in process of settling youth groups,up for disabled young people and possibley of siblings of these young people, I think this site is going to be very useful, looking at this site so far it’s going to help me a lot
Saba said:
Friday, 9 Jun 2017
Thank you for starting and introducing so much to the world
Fran said:
Tuesday, 28 Apr 2015
Some great information throughout the articles, look forward to your newsletters.
Tasha said:
Monday, 9 Sep 2013
Am looking forward to receiving the newsletter...its gonna be fun and hope to apply the games to the work that I do.
Yvonne said:
Wednesday, 20 Feb 2013
Was looking for information to pass on to someone new to youth work and stumbled acorss this site. Very low profile but what a great resource....
Kane said:
Wednesday, 14 Nov 2012
Great site thanx
Pip said:
Wednesday, 19 Sep 2012
I would love to receive a news letter as I really value this website. Sometimes as a worker it can be hard to find inspiration, or games that might work across a few different age ranges. I really think the content on here and how varied the resources are, is fantastic!
Linda said:
Monday, 27 Aug 2012
Great website. Could you please send me your newsletter? I woudl also be interested in any books/activity packs you have that I could buy for our youth groups? best wishes, Linda
Gloria said:
Friday, 24 Aug 2012
Thank you for your ideas!
Eileen said:
Thursday, 2 Feb 2012
I found this article on starting a youth group had the necessary information I was looking for. I am sure that the newsletter will be a great source of info. This is vital to us for this group will consist of urban teens (female) and this is due to be a long hot summer and there will be no summer school!
Eileen said:
Tuesday, 24 Jan 2012
This web site is exactly what I need for me and a few more parents to organise and develop our urban youth program/s. We look forward to the newsletter.
Miguel said:
Tuesday, 1 Nov 2011
Very helpful. Thanks a lot!
Ally said:
Tuesday, 8 Feb 2011
Great ideas here - really useful for a youth worker looking for inspiration!
Kata said:
Tuesday, 4 Jan 2011
Thank you so much for the many wonderful games and activities! I am a youth prevention specialist in Victoria TX and though a big part of our job is teaching kids to make healthy choices, we always try to do it in a fun way. This site has helped a lot!
Glori Johnson said:
Friday, 29 Oct 2010
I really like all of the activities. I lead a girls group at the PAL Center, and these activities were very helpful.
James said:
Wednesday, 4 Aug 2010
As I am starting to teach this year I am sure I will find your information very useful.thank you
Lucy said:
Monday, 2 Aug 2010
I have found your site an invaluable resource as I am just starting out on the 'journey' of setting up a youth group.Thanks.
Jayne said:
Sunday, 18 Jul 2010
Vrey useful information and games.
Piodos said:
Friday, 9 Jul 2010
All I can say for now is that surfing your website is indeed helpful for me, being a youth minister in my parish... Thank you...
Dominic said:
Thursday, 8 Jul 2010
Hi I am the global children panel membeer who is looking forward to have a youth group within his community so I beleive that if I engage my selp with you my dreams can turn to reality.
Samten said:
Monday, 3 May 2010
I really learned so much by reading your program, its really very interesting as I have to learn so many thing coz we give workshop on women empowerment.
Jenny said:
Saturday, 3 Apr 2010
Such a great help to know that you have this stuff available. this is great and very helpful to me personally as a youth leader.
Michelle said:
Wednesday, 17 Mar 2010
Thank you for a great site!
Barbara said:
Monday, 22 Feb 2010
This is an extremely useful website with helpful and interesting information. I look forward to receiving the newsletter.
Kerry said:
Wednesday, 6 Jan 2010
Fantastic website, your games are proving useful for our new Youth Centre. thanks
Gina said:
Wednesday, 11 Nov 2009
Great website with fantastic suggestions...Thanks very much :o)
Nahim said:
Tuesday, 27 Oct 2009
Your website is very helpful and has so many great activities which can be used in a Youth Club
Sarah-Jane Nii-Adjei said:
Friday, 23 Oct 2009
Really good activities i would really like more learnign games which enhances skills
Heather said:
Saturday, 3 Oct 2009
Your website is awesome, thank you so much! My youth group love it!
Matt said:
Sunday, 13 Sep 2009
Great site, easy to use and very, very helpful! Would be great if you had a database of games, perhaps ones that users could then rate? Thanks!
Judith said:
Friday, 4 Sep 2009
Your website is brilliant. It's got everything I need to know with such a variety of different games to play and activities to do the kids will never get bored. Theres so many different ideas to stimulate them. I'm very impressed.
Marisol said:
Tuesday, 1 Sep 2009
I am the youth counselor and leader of the youth at IGLESIA BAUTISTA BETHEL at Progreso TX, while searching for game ideas I crossed at your site and I love it. please keep me updated of any new game ideas, activities, upcomming events ext. Thank you verry much God Bless You!
Jennifer said:
Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009
Great site - easy to navigate and lots of good ideas. I'll have to return!
Jayne said:
Wednesday, 15 Jul 2009
Found the information very informative, reminded me of some of the games that I had forgotten from my youth.
Drew said:
Friday, 26 Jun 2009
Great site, thanks!
Catherine said:
Monday, 8 Jun 2009
Wow! Great page got some fab games and ideas off it. keep it up, it great help and thanks
Kerry said:
Tuesday, 26 May 2009
I have found the information on this site very useful. I am hoping to set up a youth club in my area of Sandwell.
Darren said:
Thursday, 14 May 2009
Really useful stuff
Jasmin said:
Wednesday, 29 Apr 2009
My husband and I look after a Junior High Aged youth group and I've found your website great for finding fun games on for us to play with the youth.
Ginny said:
Monday, 27 Apr 2009
Our village youth club has been dormant for a while but we hope to get it up and running again. Inspiration was sadly lacking but this site has really helped with loads of ideas of games and also the practicalities of ensuring the youth club is arranged on a formal, legal basis. Many thanks!
Jean said:
Sunday, 5 Apr 2009
Your site if very informative and easy to follow. Many tips and lots of information to help with the running of a Youth CLub. Many Thanks
James said:
Thursday, 19 Mar 2009
I think this website is excellent, youth groups will enjoy these games and I sure loved reading about them!